Boraan Thai Bringing the finest culinary food from the heart of Asia directly to you! Sawadhee Kha c c Boraan Thai Each dish is prepared to give the most authentic and divine experience through taste. Traditional Thai c c
Honest, Flavourful Food!

Boraan Thai

Thai cuisine is a simple yet clever combination of Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into that je ne sais quoi. Sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy flavours work together to make each dish come alive.
Enjoy the taste of true Thai food.

The food was outstanding seeped in rich flavours with the right balance of spices, beyond delicious and very authentic. I loved that every dish had its own unique flavour. Everything from the green Thai curry, spring rolls and the veg baos was super yummy and tasty. So happy to have a ‘Go To’ for our ‘Thai Fix’!

Aditi Jain

Delhi, NCR

Best Thai food available in this part of country, authentic aromatic flavours and spices, Must try "the pork" excellent packaging and swift delivery!

Rajiv Gupta

Delhi, NCR

Amazing food!!! Transports you straight back to thailand! Couldnt have enough of it..the pork, the bao, pad thai! And the green curry is to die for..the most authentic I've had in Delhi! Also KRAPHAO will give u foodgasm!!!


Delhi, NCR

Traditional Thai

Truely Thai

Our menu is drawn from the culinary influences from Thailand, Thai techniques and Asian heritage. With authenticity in all forms of culinary, be it the fresh produce, the home blended spices and grounds.
Enjoy the taste of true Thai food.

Special selection

From our menu

Salmon Larb
Rs 695.00

Smoked Salmon with Fresh Mint, Toasted Rice & Toasted Chilli

Chicken Satay
Rs 495.00

Overnight Marinated with Special Ingredients Served with Cucumber Chilli Relish & Homemade Peanut Sauce

Prawns Phed Mamuang
Rs 695.00

Stir fried with sweet basil & cashew nuts

Veg Panang Curry
Rs 695.00

Nutty Thai curry Accompanied with Jasmine Rice

Pork Krapaw
Rs 795.00

Stir Fry with Bird's Eye Chilli, Garlic & Hot Basil

Chicken - Phad King
Rs 595.00

Stir fried chicken with ginger soy

Tofu Samrod
Rs 495.00

Three flavour thai preparation

Pla Neung Manao
Rs 995.00

Steamed Sea Bass with Aromatic Thai Herbs

Chicken Spaghetti Kaeng Khiew Wan
Rs 515.00

Spaghetti Tossed in Green Curry Paste

Veg Pad Thai
Rs 445.00

Traditional Thai Flat Noodle with Tamarind, Peanut & Chilli

Our Food Philosophy


Having roots in Thailand, our chef's dates back the recipes to memories while growing up. Some of those tales have been the inspiration for some of the dishes.

Honest, Flavourful Food!

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