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Boraan Thai

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Boraan Thai

Boran means ancient in Thai. We at Boran believe food should reflect strong and ancient foundations of the traditions it belongs to in order to serve people, who come looking for its authentic taste down the food lane. When we say Boran, we mean a deeply drowned in culture food range that satiates your palate looking for the perfect Thai spread.

Our Chef

Scotchie Kandhari

Hear hear from the horses mouth, I am the sous chef of my home kitchen. Do you know why? Because my uniquely common ingredients are the executive chefs of my Thai food rich kitchen, that I inherit from my birth land of the tropical Thailand. Born in one of the world’s most beautiful regions of floating markets, where people have sold the widest range of food produce sprinkled with warmth decades after decades, I listen to my spices every single time and then produce traditional Thai dishes that have garnered praise through the years of catering to my family, family’s family and friends. Now that I have lived in India most of my life, I am ready to take my passion a step ahead and have geared up to churn out delectable Thai dishes that I promise will be a vision to remember by the mouth as much as the eye. From my kitchen to yours, looking forward for you to enjoy Boran Thai.

A mix of

Heritage & Tradition

Bringing the finest culinary food from the heart of Asia directly to you.
“Our culinary specialists combine heritage and tradition to bring forth the flavours of Thailand.
Each dish is prepared to give the most authentic and divine experience through taste.”



Boraan Thai is a true blend of taste, flavour and passion. The literal translation of Boraan Thai is is Traditional Thai. Having roots in Thailand, the chef dates back the recipes to memories while growing up. Some of those tales have been the inspiration for some of the dishes.
Our menu is drawn from the culinary influences from Thailand, Thai techniques and Asian heritage. With authenticity in all forms of culinary, be it the fresh produce, the home blended spices and grounds.